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Get a free PSP? It's got to be a scam, I mean how can a company just give away a PSP, right? Actually, this is a legitemate offer. How can they just give it away? Well, you do "pay" for it; but not with money- with your time. Not much time, but exactly what the company needs. There's a little more to it than that, but it's all really easy, and here's the deal with this incredible offer:

So, you're first reaction to hearing "Dude, I found a website that gives out free PSPs" is probably one of disbelief. Well, I completely understand why. There are many offers out there that promise the world and when they do "pay-up" (if at all) it's not even close to what they promised. However, although a lot of offers out there are scams, there are a few that aren't. This, for example, is one that isn't a scam. It's completely legitemate. Now, you might be wondering "I don't believe in it because the company could never afford to do this," right? Well, that's not true. So how can the company just give away free psps? Okay, here's how it works. The company (in this case Gratis ) would like some more attention from the public so they agree to host a website and, for a fee of some sort, post a link for a company (like Blockbuster or Netflicks ). Then, because the company is huge they usually get a discount of some sort from the manufacturer of the product (like the PSP). Now they can say "Get a free PSP" and still give it to you at no cost. All you have to do is apply for one of the companies free trials and see if you like it. If you like it, the companies investment was useful, if not, you may tell friends about it and such. That brings me to my next point, referring friends. This just keeps the "cycle" going. They complete an offer and see if they like it, refer friends...etc and so on. Now that the company has money coming in from the individual companies for posting the link, they can buy the psp cheap, and send it to you. The companies make so much money advertising that you can get a free psp by referring friends and completing one offer; to come through with the deal and send one is well worth it (because if they get a psp they will tell friends...etc). So, that is why it IS possible TO GET A FREE PSP. It's completely legit. and plausible. If you go to
you can read all kinds of testimonies, view pictures of people who actually got the items, and even view Gratis's appearences on the NEWS and TV because of the legitemacy of their statements.
This is the Sony PSP
The Sony PSP shown above is red. This is because the screen color actually changes from yellow to red to blue... -every month it's a new color! So, are you ready for a PSP? Look below for how to get your very own psp!
PSP specs. -
333MHZ PSP CPU with 32 Meg RAM
1.8 Gig UMD Hard Drive
Screen: 4.3 inch, 16:9 wide TFT LCD
USB 2.0 and 802.11b wireless LAN
Memory Stick ™ Pro Duo, IrDa, Ir Remote
PlayStation and Playstation 2 keypad

(All this can be yours!!! Just follow the simple steps below)
~~~Below is the layout of the PSP~~~

So, after reading the above, how can you help me get mine, AND get one yourself?
All you do is follow a simple link. The link is Just follow this link, sign up, and complete an offer; that's it. It's really quite simple, it just takes some "wanting" of the psp and the effort. If you don't try, you won't get it, that's it. Even if you don't want to spend a dime, you don't have to. This website is not about taking your money, they just want you to reffer friends and give their sponsors a try. Do this, and you've not only done exactly what they need and want, but also earned yourself a psp. Again, please follow this link to sign up Good Luck!!

If you have any questions, please leave them at the guestbook along with contact info, thanks
Please drop a note at the Guestbook, and/or to contact me, just click this link

Just paste the link into your browser and bam! You'll be one step closer to your Psp

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